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What you should know about furniture rearrangement

Why You Should Rearrange Your Furniture | Sherwood Studios

Whether you have just purchased a new home or want to update your old one, it can be stressful and expensive when swapping out furniture. Therefore it might be beneficial to browse some reviews written on the top online stores to get price ranges.  Hartleys Direct is a perfect example as they provide affordable furnishings to their customers at a reasonable price and are reliable and trustworthy.  

What to arrange your living room 

If you are re-arranging your living room, starting with the most significant piece in the room is advisable. This piece should be placed opposite the main feature of the room, for example, the fireplace or tv. It is advisable to avoid placing furniture in front of windows as this could block out any natural light. Additionally, place any smaller pieces of furniture opposite the large sofa. Lastly, make sure to add either a coffee table, ottomans or lamps to help fill up the space. It is essential to ensure that you can reach the table wherever you place the furniture when sitting down. 

Common mistakes when arranging furniture 

When arranging furniture, it is imperative to know what to avoid to ensure your room has a sense of flow and relaxation. For example, avoid placing too much furniture in one room, making the room feel small and cluttered. In addition, assess the room’s dimensions before placing furniture, as often one can place furniture that does not fit the room’s size.  Additionally, make sure that the size and height of the furniture are in line with the other pieces in the room. Finally, as previously mentioned, avoid blocking any windows as this provides natural light and helps the space to feel open and spacious. 

The different principles of interior design

Interior design functions by many different principles. Here are two critical principles. Firstly is harmony. In interior design, Harmony is essential to how the room flows.  Which includes the room’s colour, the furniture, and if it fits its overall style or aesthetic. It is important to note that this does not mean that the room has to match everything; it just means that everything needs to belong and have its place. Secondly is Unity. Unity brings the room together, whether through repeated colours or textures. Unity is how one has created a sense of cohesiveness throughout the room. 

How to promote good Feng Shui 

If you are very much interested in Feng Shui and how to arrange your room to promote good Feng Shui, hopefully, this will aid you in doing so. Firstly try to avoid your furniture having its back towards the door. This way, placing furniture allows you to give your power away. So instead, have your furniture facing the door. Next, it is essential to create a pathway for Chi to flow throughout the room by making sure the door’s path is clear.

Additionally, make sure that there is space between the furniture and the wall. These are, of course, just a couple of examples. Depending on what room you are re-arranging, there will be different principles for Feng Shui according to that room.  

When re-arranging or arranging any room, it is beneficial to start by placing the most significant furniture in the room. For example, according to Feng Shui, if it is a couch, have it face the door rather than against it. It is also imperative to make sure that a clear pathway allows Chi to flow and allows the room to have unity and harmony.