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Tips for Choosing the Best Handmade Cushions for your Sofa and Chair

What good is a luxurious sofa if it doesn’t have a trendy cushion arrangement?  That said, a well-made handmade cushion set isn’t just a practical necessity. In fact, they’re also your seating’s seasonal wardrobe changes, enabling you to style any sofa or accent chair to your taste.

A new collection of our handmade cushion here in Yorkshire Fabric Shop and throw pillows breathe new life into an old sofa, update your style, and even completely transform a sofa arrangement. Whatever way you style these sofa staples, don’t underestimate their strength. Check out our moodboard to find the best cushion designed you’d want to pair with your sofa here!

Go for the Tried and Tested

The best way to be certain about the quality and the integrity of the material over time is to consider how it has performed for people who already owns them. Most homeowners who have enough dough to work with will most likely go for the luxurious fabric for their handmade cushion. 

However, it is essential that you consider your lifestyle, since a poorly thought-of decision can easily turn into a bad investment. That said, if you can, always ask for a swatch for the cushioning, and try it out at home. 

Check how the stain or the dander adheres to the fabric. You need be practical in your choices on this matter, because beauty can only get you so far, but versatility can guarantee you the best cost per use.

Use custom option to expand your view of any available fabric so you see its full color pattern. On smaller fabrics, the color scheme and pattern are condensed into a single layer, but in their color. That said, a bit of diligent research before finalizing any of your purchases will help will allow you to save you from making a big and frustrating mistake.

Handmade Cushion Choices for Homes with Kids and Pets

For homes with children and animals—and probably for people who love to drink red wine, we recommend faux suede; because it’s easy to maintain and tough enough for outdoor use as well. Other exciting design elements for your handmade cushion to choose from include leather that has seen some wear, or texture choices like velveteen and silk.

However, as long as you’re not worried about your children or pets, you can really wear whatever you want. Our most exquisite selection includes an increasingly rare type of wool from Tibet and the more popular and flax from Belgium. 

Linen is very durable but tends to lack the resistance that a wrinkle-free look after frequent use in a kid’s environment. While you are worried about upkeeping and managing costs, you can always use more elegant fabrics. Luxe fabrics are affordable because they are useful. Up-to-date fabrics are easy to manage and inexpensive because they have never worn out.

Various Handmade Cushion Placements

Once you’ve chosen the handmade cushion that will suit your sofa and accent chair, you must test out how it should be properly placed. This way, you can determine how many pieces of handmade cushions you truly need for your home.

Cushions in Pairs

Two individual cushions create a simple, chic aesthetic in this cushion arrangement for minimalists. Handmade cushion that matches should be placed beside each other then placed at the center of the sofa, with a proportional distance between them.

Use matching or the same fabrics to create an elegant, seamless look, or use contrasting materials to highlight unique cushions.

Eclecticism in Cushions 

This multi-layered handmade cushion placement isn’t mainly a go-to, and that’s exactly how we like it. This form of arrangement is also all about texture.

While it’s best to throw the rule book out the window in this case, there are a few pointers to follow for achieving a designer-approved look.

Consider the size of the designs you choose to combine when selecting fabrics. A handmade cushion arrangement with big, medium and small-scale prints would be exciting and well-balanced.

Next, consider the designs of the cushions. A few pointers that can guide you on this are the need for formality or your seating furniture to express your creativity. It’s also necessary to have a commonality in the visual aesthetic of the fabrics.

If you’ve covered both of these bases, you’re free to be as inventive as you want.

Given that this style aims towards a more laid-back, bohemian feel, this makes an area idea to add in extras like fringes, tassels, and braids.

Symmetry with Cushions 

The tried-and-true method always works as the go-to. So, work with what you have and what you can tolerate. 

This is among the most visually appealing configurations, and going with a balanced handmade cushion arrangement almost always suits the sofa. Play with color, pattern, and texture to make yours unique.

A well-balanced cushion arrangement harmonizes a variety of fabrics beautifully; its symmetry lends an elegant look to even the most casual or eclectic selection of fabrics.

Cushions in the form of lumber or bolsters are an easy way to add appeal to this type of arrangement.

Centralized Cushions

Why do our cushions have to be limited to the sofa’s ends? To make a transition from the standard, position your handmade cushions a few inches away from the ends.

At least three units are highly recommended when using this style, but it also suits even numbers of higher denominations.

For sofas that are too small to carry several arrangements or are quite lengthy in dimensions on either end, the centralized handmade cushion styling can come in handy.

The arrangement also works well with curved sofas that lack such structured ends. To create a harmonious mix, use rounded designs that mimic the lines of the couch.

In conclusion, we hope that this overview and our tips proves helpful to you. Indeed, making the choice can be a challenge, but we assure you that we have the staff to help you out. We can elaborate on more details if you come in contact with us. We hope to hear from you soon!