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Sweden is a land with a radical change in sunlight. In the northern region, you see darkness for twenty-four-hour in January, and there’s no sign of daylight in June. In the south, almost seven standard hours of sunshine at the slightest time of the year and low clouds often mask the sun. Also, polar night prevails for a lot of December in the north. Since light therapy is recognized as the best treatment for seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, and sleep disorder with specific natures of lamps installed in clinics and homes.

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Effectiveness of light therapy

  • Treatment of SAD

Because of the shortened daylight hours, several people develop SAD during the wintertime. Swedish areas enveloped in darkness, people become considerably fatigued and down in the doldrums. Light therapy is a good option to give relief in this depression since the lightboxes used for this purpose effuse the bright light that impersonates natural daylight. The therapy is believed to induce brain chemicals associated with sleep, and mood, relieving SAD signs.

  • Anxiety and other kinds of depression

Sunlight is effective in stimulating certain hormones that further improve the bodily and behavior processes. Sunlight scarcity in Swedes’ life can disturb the behavioral patterns and cause anxiety, and sleep disorders. However, light therapy boxes aid in overcoming depression as it stimulates the production of vitamin D which benefits in depression management. Light therapy is perceived to have the same effect on the brain as antidepressants.

  • Sleep disorder

Winters deprived of sunlight disturbs the clock of your body mainly termed as circadian rhythm. The continuous usage of a lightbox can reactivate your circadian rhythm and help you get a peaceful sleep. Consequently, people undergoing this therapy are better capable of slumber beforehand at bedtime, or relax in the subsequent morning, in assent with what they require.

Best time for therapy

Most of the time, light therapy is guided to be practiced in the preceding morning. As it is said that other times of the day cannot be effective. However, individuals with SAD shall undergo the therapy hour or two in the eventide and hour before slumber time. 

Closing remark

People get depressed and tired to discern no light hours and go for different therapies like light therapy to get out of this effect. By way of conclusion, Swedes cannot get enough sunshine in winters, and several get seasonal depression named Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).