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The top 7 interior design trends for 2022

Your home should reflect your personality and your style. We achieve this by using color and decor to suit our personal style.

Each year, we are provided with trends to follow. From cars and clothing to how we decorate our homes, it is always good to keep up with design trends where possible. While you do not need to renovate your entire home or replace all your current furniture, adding some trendy decor pieces to your current home setup is easy. To make the most of online shopping, visit allreviews.ca, a Canadian review site that allows you to read reviews of online shops and their products and services. Search for topics like furniture companies’ online reviews to see which companies have been recommended by previous customers. Click on the links to discover more about the benefits of reviews in your purchase decisions.

What are the interior design trends for 2022?

2020 and 2021 saw a substantial change in the way we decorate and furnish our homes. The covid-19 pandemic saw many losing their jobs and changing their lifestyles. It was a time for many to take a closer look at what they have and reassess what is important. The pandemic and the life and work changes we have embraced have inspired the top 7 design trends for 2022. 

Here is our list of the top 7 interior design trends for 2022:

Trend #1: Basic colors

The pandemic caused mass lockdowns and shelter in place orders. It forced people to work from homes and businesses across the country closed their doors. With more time spent at home, we spent more time indoors. This brought to light the need for calm, natural spaces in our home. In 2022, we will see this trend continue, with people opting for lighter colors on their walls, in their furniture, and in their decor. Monochromatic colors are also great to provide a calming effect to a room.

Trend #2: Rounded shapes in furniture and décor

No more strict lines and harsh layouts in rooms. 2022 will see a move towards more feminine styling in the form of rounded sofas, lamps, tables, and more. Arches will become popular again to soften entryways. While we do not recommend that you change all your entryways to arches, there are clever ideas you could implement with paint and a little creativity to create a faux archway in your home.

Trend #3: Minimalism

The pandemic has resulted in people across Canada and the world re-assessing what is profoundly important. To cut costs, many were forced to sell furniture and extra decor and only made do with the essentials. This has seen tremendous growth in the minimalist interior design trend. Gone are the days of cluttered rooms and walls. The key to minimalism is clean, bright spaces, essential furniture pieces, and subtle decor to highlight a room or wall. 

Trend #4: Inspirations from nature

Wood has and continues to be, a popular trend in decor. From wood paneling on walls and floors to wooden furniture and decor pieces, you can bring the outdoors in by using natural woods. For a natural look, choose reclaimed wood that can add texture and a little bit of history to your home. Choose linens in natural stone colors for bedding and sofa cushions to bring the look together.

Trend #5: Open plan yet isolated areas

Remote working has created a need for isolated areas to get work done while still being in the room with family. Screens and partitions are a fantastic way to cordon off an area to get your work done in peace. Use glass doors, Chinese-influenced screens, and even curtains to separate a room to create a secluded area.

Trend #6: The home office

Ah, the beloved home office. The pandemic gave rise to a new way of working: remote working. Employees were given the choice of working from home to ensure safety while maintaining productivity. This has created a need for a dedicated workspace. Use screens as mentioned above to section off a part of a communal room for your home office. Decorate your desk and the space in a way that will ensure maximum productivity while still maintaining the overall feel of the design of your home.

Trend #7: A focus on indoor gardening

Bring the outdoors in by introducing some greenery into your home. Choose some of your favorite plants and use these to bring color to otherwise dull areas. Use pots to keep with your design style and ensure that the plants will survive indoors. Visit your local plant nursery for advice on the best indoor plants and how to maintain them.


There are many ways in which we can make a significant difference to our home’s interior by making minor changes. A picture on a wall, a new lamp, or even patterned sofa cushions can give your room a whole fresh look. Read reviews to find the best online shops for your decor needs and get inspiration from interior design magazines and websites.