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Is it too early to make an article related to Christmas? Maybe it is not because there are people who prepare this holiday for months. There is a country that celebrates Christmas from September to January 9 is the Philippines.

Whether you are preparing a Christmas holiday starting today or not, this article might be useful for you in the future.

In the age where everyone is aware of climate change and social responsibilities, most Millenials are finding ways to save Earth. Many companies are trying to make changes by making offices, products, and services to be eco-friendly.

The latest trend in this age is make everything to be green, eco-friendly. So when you are looking forward to differing the way you celebrate major holidays, you should consider how to make it green.

Celebrate Green Christmas 2019

Holiday seasons can be stressful-you have to deal with traffic and last-minute shopping for gift giving. If you are thinking about changes this holiday, include what the things you can do for the environment are and how to avoid the common problems. 

1. Use LED Lights

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Electric bills are soaring high during holidays because of the high demand for electricity. Apart from Christmas, Halloween is also another celebration that many Americans are looking forward every year. Both events include parties, games, and other activities. 

During Halloween and Christmas, people are using lights as decoration in their homes. Although there are small light decorations available, they can contribute to increasing the electric bill.

There is no need to avoid using light decorations. Instead, choose small Light Emitting Diodes decorations. They only use 80% less energy and last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. Unlike the traditional bulbs, these are not hot when it is doing its job.

If you want to reduce expenses on your electricity, consider light installation houston service that provides cost-saving LED lights. Apart from getting LED light decorations, why not think about long-term investment?

LED light installation houston will help you save cost on the electricity bill, and you make your home eco-friendly as well.

2. Limit Lighting

There is no need to turn on all the decorative lights. In this way, you will save expenses on your electric bill. Turn off the decorations outside your house before going to bed at night or set on a timer that will remind you to do it.

3. Send E-Cards

You can send your sincere greetings in e-cards and e-mails. e-Cards are the best replacements for snail mail and greeting cards. Through digital greeting cards, you save paper and mailing expenses, and you also help reduce your carbon footprint. 

4. Shop Online instead of going to malls

Choosing to shop online doesn’t mean you are lazy. It is true you can save more time, and it offers convenience. Apart from that, you also help eliminate the fuel used for transporting standard mail.

5. Recycle Decorations

If you have kept old decorations and seem to be useful for this year’s holiday celebration, consider using them again. Instead of buying a new Christmas tree, it is better to recyle the previous one. Use other natural decorations rather than sending them to the landfill.

6. Make Natural Decorations

If you are aiming to have a Green Christmas, avoid buying plastic ornaments, wreaths, and decorations. Instead, make your own from pine cones, holly, seashells, river stones, and evergreen branches. 

Going green should not only practice during the Holiday seasons. Instead, make this aim to be a long-term goal. You are not only saving the environment; you are also saving some costs.
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Preparing Christmas 2019: How to Make Eco-friendly Christmas Holiday