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How to Mulch Your Garden

Mulch is the ultimate gardening time-saver, no make any difference if you’re tending to flower beds or vegetable gardens. And although mulching by itself may be a pain, it reaps several rewards: When finished adequately, mulch cuts down on the time it usually takes to water, weed, and fight pests. All in all, this would make for healthier fruits, veggies, and flowers.

For a much more fruitful yard, make positive you decide on the greatest mulch for the job. Even nevertheless most mulch sorts will ward off pests and weeds, some cater to the requires of particular plants, trees, or other crops. Right before you lay any ol’ mulch down, browse on to obtain the best sort for your yard, as very well as ideas and tricks on how to distribute it adequately.

Diverse Styles of Mulch for Your Backyard garden

There are two primary varieties of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches include things like formerly dwelling content this sort of as chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings, compost, wood chips, shredded bark, sawdust, pine needles, and even paper. Inorganic mulches include things like black plastic and geotextiles (landscape fabrics).

Both equally sorts of mulch discourage weeds, but organic mulches also make improvements to the soil as they decompose. Inorganic mulches don’t split down and enrich the soil, but that won’t automatically signify they are not a sensible possibility for your yard. Circumstance in issue: Black plastic, a preferred sort of inorganic mulch, warms the soil and radiates heat throughout the evening, holding heat-loving vegetables like eggplant and cherry tomatoes cozy and vigorous.

In this article are the six most popular sorts of mulch to select involving:

Wooden Chips or Shredded Leaves

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You can purchase luggage of attractive wood chips or shredded bark from a neighborhood yard middle to mulch your flower yard and shrub borders. For a much less expensive possibility, phone your neighborhood tree-care or utility enterprise to see if they have any added wood chips on hand. Or if you’re actually organizing ahead, chip your Xmas tree as an alternative of tossing it to the suppress.

If you have trees on your residence, shredding the fallen leaves makes a nutrient-loaded mulch at no added price. You don’t will need a particular device either: a garden mower with a bagger will accumulate leaves and slash them into the best measurement for mulching.

Distribute a wood chip or shredded leaf mulch anywhere on your residence, but it appears greatest in flower beds, shrub borders, and yard pathways. Of class, it can be suitable at home in a woodland or shade yard. Preserve in thoughts that wood chips are not a sensible preference for vegetable and yearly flower beds, considering that they’ll get in the way as you dig the beds each and every year.

Grass Clippings

grass in the compost pile


Grass clippings are an additional quickly obtainable mulch, whilst it can be a fantastic strategy to preserve a part of the clippings to use as a normal garden fertilizer. When you have remaining grass clippings, use them as nitrogen-loaded mulch in vegetable gardens.


wheelbarrow of compost

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Give your compost an additional function: If you have added to spare, use it as mulch. It will enrich the soil and make plants delighted, but retain in thoughts that when any sort of mulch is dry, it can be not a hospitable place for plant roots. That signifies, you may want to reserve your compost to distribute as a thin layer all over plants and top rated it with an additional mulch, this sort of as chopped leaves. This will allow the compost to stay moist and biologically lively, delivering most advantage for your vegetables, fruits, or flowers.

Straw or Hay



If you’re planting a vegetable yard, contemplate masking it with straw, salt hay, or weed-free hay. Not only does it glimpse clean and crisp, but this sort of mulch retains soil dampness, prevents weeds, and adds organic make any difference to the soil when it breaks down. Just make positive you decide for a weed and seed-free hay, and keep away from piling it all over stems of vegetable or fruit tree trunks to prevent slug and rodent problems.

Plastic Mulch

green pepper plant growing through a hole in black plastic mulch

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Mulching a vegetable yard with sheets of black plastic film can do wonders. When it can be distribute tightly over a easy soil surface area, black plastic transmits the sun’s heat to the soil beneath, building a microclimate about three levels hotter than an unmulched yard. Simply because the plastic film stays heat and dry, it shields the fruits of vining crops this sort of as strawberries, melons, and cucumbers from rotting. And, of class, the mulch prevents weed advancement and retains soil dampness.

Infrared transmitting (IRT) plastics price much more than common black plastic, but they can final result in even greater yields. These plastics heat the soil as very well as very clear plastic, but also management weeds as properly as black plastic. In raised bed gardens, lay down a sheet of plastic over the whole bed. Bury it at the edges or weigh the plastic down with rocks. Then punch holes in it with a bulb planter, and fill with plants or seeds. Since water are unable to permeate plastic, you are unable to depend on rainwater to adequately hydrate your plants. As an alternative, lay soaker hoses or drip hoses on the soil surface area right before you place down the plastic.

Be cautious not to use mulch underneath shrubs, primarily considering that plastic destroys the shrubs’ lengthy-term health. Simply because water and air are unable to penetrate the plastic, roots increase pretty shut to the soil surface area — in some cases suitable beneath the plastic — seeking dampness and oxygen. The shallow roots undergo from deficiency of oxygen and dampness, and excessive temperature improvements. Over time, the plants decrease and die.

Landscape Materials

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Geotextiles, also named landscape fabrics, allow air and water by means of to the soil beneath although holding weeds from coming up. But even now, there are some drawbacks: When uncovered to mild, geotextiles degrade over time. To make them previous longer, cover them with a second mulch (they are hideous, so you’d want to, in any case).

Identical to plastic mulch, retain geotextiles absent from shrubs. Shrub roots and weeds increase up into the landscape material, which signifies you may have to rip the landscape material on their elimination.

How to Mulch Appropriately

There are two cardinal rules for applying mulch to fight weeds. Very first, lay the mulch down on soil that is now weeded, and second, lay down a thick-ample layer to discourage new weeds from coming up by means of it.

A 4-inch layer of mulch will discourage weeds, whilst a two-inch layer is generally ample in shady spots. If you know that a yard bed is loaded with weed seeds or perennial roots, try out a double-mulching system to prevent a weed explosion. To do so, established plants in place, water them very well, distribute newspaper, and top rated it with mulch.

Mulches that also retains dampness (like wood chips) can gradual soil warming. In spring, pull mulch absent from perennials and bulbs for more quickly advancement. A moist mulch piled versus the stems of flowers and vegetables can induce them to rot retain mulch about just one inch absent from crowns and stems.

Mulch piled up versus woody stems of shrubs and trees can also induce rot and encourages rodents (this sort of as voles and mice) to nest there. Preserve deep mulch pulled back again about six to 12 inches from trunks.

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