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How to Install Board and Batten

Learn how to set up a Board and Batten wall. We’re in this article to assistance you do it on your own with expert-on the lookout results!

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Do-it-yourself Board and Batten Wall Tutorial

Supplies for Putting in a Board and Batten Wall:

  • Boards for Foundation Molding: We selected 1×8 MDF
  • Boards for Crown Molding: We opted for a very simple fairly than ornate look and selected 1×4 MDF.  We ran one particular on the wall and one particular on the ceiling to develop a wrapped-corner look.
  • Battens (vertical boards): In the past we have made use of 1×4 or 1×2’s that are the exact thickness as the upper and lessen molding, but this time I preferred the battens to be small and insignificant to develop a light-weight texture. At our neighborhood Residence Depot they had some 3 3/4″ x one/4″ thick unpainted MDF strips identified as MDF Bender boards. They were in the lumber isle in the vicinity of the plywood and NOT with the moldings.  They were a excellent price and just wide sufficient to be ripped (slice size-intelligent) in half to develop the refined look I was going for.
  • Table Saw
  • Nail gun and nails
  • Caulk and Gap Patching Compound
  • Paint
Be absolutely sure to check out this tutorial for fantastic board and batten spacing!

Board and Batten Phase one: Set up Foundation Molding

Evaluate, slice, and set up the base molding.

Base molding for board and batten wall on Remodelaholic

The stair made use of to be wrapped with carpet, but we preferred to prevent that and clean up the look.  We constructed out the stair a little bit and then wrapped it with the MDF.  We received fortunate and the MDF was the correct exact top as the stair!

Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (27)

Board and Batten Phase 2: Set up Crown Molding

Evaluate and slice your crown molding pieces. Utilizing the ceiling piece as a spacer, force the wall piece up to the ceiling piece (you will will need a helper to do this, which is why we did not get any pictures) and nail in put.

Crown molding for Board and batten wall, simple texture remodelaholic (16)

Next set up your ceiling piece.

Crown moulding for Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (22)

*Suggestion*  We did not have joists to nail the crown  molding to on this part of the ceiling. You can use anchor bolts for a Ton of more work or you can do what we did: to continue to keep the board in put, put in 2 nails at a 45 diploma angle to the ideal and then quickly flip your nailer the other route and incorporate two more in a 45 diploma angle to the left. The “v” developed by the nails functions like an anchor. I wouldn’t do this with major beams, but for a lightweight molding, it performs effectively.

Crown molding for a Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (25)

Board and Batten Phase 3: Rip the Battens (if required)

Our battens required ripped in half, bear in mind.

What do I use for the battens Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (33)


Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (32)Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (35)

And for the reason that we slice ours, we took the time to sand down the leading two edges of the board to be certain that the edges were clean and that all imperfections were sanded down.

*Suggestion* Lower edges of MDF normally will need sanding.  Because MDF is so smooth, the imperfections will be pretty evident after you paint. Never skip sanding!

Board and Batten Phase 4: Set up the Battens

Be absolutely sure to make your spacing fantastic.  Comply with this board and batten spacing tutorial and you will end up with the expert-on the lookout results you want!

one. Mark out the spacing.

How to ensure even spacing when doing Board and batten from remodelaholic (36)

2. Evaluate the top you will will need for that batten in that put. Lower your batten. (Do this for just about every batten, as ceilings and floors are not as stage as you feel!)

3. Position the bottom of the batten at your spacing mark and nail after in the vicinity of the bottom of the board to hold it in put in accordance to your spacing mark.

4. Position a stage on the aspect of the batten board and modify the board until eventually it is flawlessly vertical.

How to diy a professional looking board and batten wall from Remodelaholic

five. Nail after in the vicinity of the leading then safe it to the wall with a couple of more nails in the middle.

Follow this tutorial for installing board and batten floor to ceiling. From Remodelaholic.

six. Repeat the approach with just about every batten.

Board and Batten Phase five: Patch the nail holes and caulk all the seams

Patch the nail holes and caulk concerning the boards and the wall to fill the gaps.

Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (48)

Board and Batten Phase six: Paint

We selected Sherwin Williams Superior Reflective White, and, oh, the difference the paint helps make! Make absolutely sure to inspect your paint occupation from the left and ideal to be certain every inch of the battens is lined in paint. It is uncomplicated to miss out on the slim aspect up coming to the wall!

Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (56)

For portray the molding up coming to the floor, I made use of heavyweight scrapbook paper as a “drop cloth” of types. It moved together effortlessly and slid beneath the hole of the base molding flawlessly with no taping needed!
How to paint baseboards the easy way. Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (60)

And we’re performed! See how the battens just sort of soften into the wall? They offer you a slight texture and sample but they are not the focal level — accurately the subtlety we preferred!

Board and batten wall tutorial, simple texture remodelaholic (65)

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