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5 ideas for traditional St Patrick’s Day gifts that are sure to bring you luck

Celebrated on the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day is considered the feast day of Ireland’s Patron Saint. On this day, as Wikipedia suggests, Irish from all over the globe commemorate St. Patrick, the person who brought Christianity to their land, as well as honouring their culture and heritage in general. If you are looking for traditional gifts, here are 5 ideas of what you can get for your friends and loved ones.

Four-leaf clover.. .everything!

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says ” traditional Irish gifts” is probably the renowned four-leaf clover. Legend says that its leaves represent hope, faith, love and luck. The shamrock is so rare that the chances of discovering one in the wild are approximately one in ten thousand! However, you do not need to go searching far and wide to find this classical gift. Nowadays, it can be found everywhere: from expensive jewelry to affordable keychains, the four-leaf clover is an accessible item that can be offered to anyone Since the shamrock has developed into a worldwide symbol of luck and rebirth, you are right to consider it the safe choice when it comes to gifting. Not to mention, the ”luck of the Irish” is something deeply desired by everyone.  

A (decorative) good luck horseshoe

Similar to the four-leaf clover, the horseshoe is considered to be the lucky charm of many people all around the world. The legend says that if you hang it over the entrance of your house, it will scare and ward off the Devil and other evil spirits. So if you’re looking for a well-intentioned present for your loved ones, a good luck horseshoe would be a perfect addition to their home. 

Irish flat caps

A traditional Irish flat cap would be a perfect gift for any gentleman or lady regardless of his/her age, occupation, or lifestyle. This stylish headpiece goes well with both classic suits and everyday clothes, and is sure to turn heads. As Joe Franklin once said, „Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance”. Thus, a simple, but highly qualitative Irish flat cap made of tweed, wool, or cotton could serve you many years, while still being in vogue. You can find a wide range of high-quality flat caps online https://www.exclusivelyirish.com/product-category/mens/irish-flat-caps/. Flat caps will make a unique gift that will be enjoyed and last a long time. 

A make up bell

If you have newly married friends, a make-up bell  is the best gift for them. An old Celtic tradition states that newlyweds should always have one in their home and, in case of a quarrel, it has to be rung by one of the partners to signal the end of the argument. However, it is important to point out that in order to have a happy marriage, the bell can’t always be rung by the same person. 

Leprechaun gnomes

Another excellent decoration for a house or a garden! Even if in the Irish mythology it is considered that  the Leprechaun is neither wholly good nor wholly evil, when captured, this wizard could make your wishes come true. One of the most popular and beloved symbols of good luck, a Leprechaun gnome is a significant and well-meaning present for your dear ones.