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1 in 5 Buyers Wants Designated Space to Work from Home

75% of homebuyers surveyed mentioned the pandemic improved their programs: twenty five% boosted their timelines, twenty% slowed their timelines and seventeen% now want a significantly less high priced house.

SEATTLE – Three-quarters of homebuyers who prepare to invest in a house in just the future 12 months say the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their homebuying programs: twenty five% mentioned it brought on them to shift or pace up their timeline, twenty% mentioned it brought on them to hold off transferring programs and seventeen% are now wanting for a significantly less high priced house. Specifically:

  • 16% mentioned the pandemic has brought on them to want to shift
  • fifteen% mentioned it brought on them to shift sooner than originally planned
  • 6% selected equally solutions

“Somewhat counterintuitively, the coronavirus-pushed recession is propping up the housing current market,” suggests Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather, author of the modern research. “Homebuyer desire is surging even with GDP having a historic nosedive in the 2nd quarter, mostly because People in america price the house a lot more than ever and are prepared to prioritize housing even as they lower back again on other expenses. Moreover, the Fed is applying lower curiosity fees to stimulate the overall economy, which is offering buyers a lot more purchasing electricity and boosting house income.”

Property preferences

  • 21% want a specified area to do the job from house
  • 21% want a lot more outdoor area
  • 10% of respondents now want a more substantial house
  • 7% want a specified area for kids to find out from house

Why improved programs?

  • Of people organizing to shift, fifty five% mentioned lower house loan fees are a aspect in their improved programs
  • 52% mentioned paying a lot more time at house is a aspect
  • 40% mentioned performing from house contributed to their drive to shift

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